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How to Farm Blade and Soul gold

Blade and Soul gold is of great importance in Blade and Soul game play. You need use Blade and Soul gold to buy valuable items and materials to save much grinding time. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to know good ways to farm Blade and Soul gold. Of course, you can choose buy Blade and Soul gold from online store, like SSEGold, G4MMO, etc.

I will discuss a few ways about how to farm fast Blade and Soul gold. Some notable ways are crafting using your sub-professions, running dungeons, and buying and selling on Auction House.

If you are loyal fans of Blade and Soul and want to be a Hardcore Player, below methods can be helpful for you:
1.Try to reach level 45 as fast as you can and do daily quest that you can acquire 9 gold at least from the reward and selling Soulstone. It is a useful way to alt your characters to do this so that you can get easy and fast Blade and Soul gold by focusing on your main character weapon.
2.When crafting take Merry Potter and Soul Warden for crafing. It is worth of spending a great deal of gold to reach 3 as you will be great in the demand of Transformaiton Stone to upgrade your weapon.
3.It can save money to buy Stalker weapon at Marketplace to become fodder for your weapon, since when upgrading your weapon, it can save tons of gold.
4.You can easily get 50 gold from farming the Merry Potter’s Secret Recipe in Brightstone Ruins.

If you just play Blade and Soul for fun and don’t mean to play it for a long time, you can try below methods.
  1. Find a channel where there are lots of players farming Golden Deva or Lycan so you can farm the soul shield and salvage it for Fusion Dust.
  2. Use 1 silver to buy Viridian Pickaxe which can be used to farm Viridian Quartz as it can sell for 3-4 silver each.
  3. Cross-server Dungeon can save money! Just find the NPC who can give your quest when doing Cross-Server Dungeon.
  4. You can make fast gold from creating sealing charm and key by choosing crafting Guild with Earthseer and Radiant Ring.