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How to creat a new account for Guild wars ?


    Guild wars is coming soon ,are you ready  to join it ? At first , you should know how to get a new account for this game .Hope the following Tips can help you enjoy more.

    Characters are male or female, large or small, and are made up of any one of 90 potential combinations of the ten professions: Warrior, Elementalist, Monk, Ranger, Mesmer, Necromancer, Ritualist, Assassin, Dervish, and Paragon. Individual characters can eventually learn hundreds of unique skills across different professions. The most important choices you must make for your new character are first a primary profession, and soon thereafter a secondary profession. These choices determine not only armor, skills, and fighting style, but your overall gameplay experience. Hairstyle and facial features are, of course, crucial as well.

    You can create four characters per unique Guild Wars account, gain two additional character slots each for Factions and Nightfall, and purchase extra slots if needed. You can delete and create new characters at any time and switch up your skills and attributes whenever you're in town. Experiment with profession combinations until you have the character that best suits you.

    Each time you make a new character, it starts at level one in a tutorial area. A friendly NPC should spot you immediately and wave you over. Talk to this NPC to learn basics about the game (movement control, interfaces, and so on) and even stab a few baddies and grab some starter loot in the process.

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