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How To Become A Summoner In FFXIV

In order to become a Summoner in FFXIV, characters must have a level 30 Arcanist and a level 15 Thaumaturge.
How To Become A Summoner In FFXIV

Once you have met the class level requirements, you just need to go to the THM guild, talk to the receptionist to get the quest, and when you talk to the guildmaster to finish the quest, you unlock the new class. You change to that new class by equipping a weapon for that class (So if you put on a THM weapon you become a THM, if you put on an ACN weapon you become an ACN.).

Summoners are able to bring forth strong magical creatures and depending on the creature they have out, their role can change in a party setting. Whatever they choose to do, know that they will do it well with the awesome might of the Primals at their back.

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A Summoner's most important stat is intelligence, which increases their attack magic potency.

As a ranged magical DPS class, Summoners deal tons of Damage Over Time. Maximizing summoner DPS revolves around packing the biggest punch you can with Fester. Having all three of your DoT’s up (Bio, Bio II and Miasma) makes fester stronger. Being a summoner unlocks an offensive pet. While having 100% DoT uptime and having fester off-cooldown is a must for max DPS, don’t forget about managing your other sources of Damage. The combo of Rouse+Spur should be used as often as possible!

Summoners have some pretty awesome utility skills in the form of Tri-Distater (AoE CC), and Enkindle – which brings out your pets “ultimate”. Like Black Mages, Summoners benefit highly from INT. You will want as much of it as you can stack. Like any caster, PIE is okay, but less so in summoners case due to Aetherflow.