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How to be a good Blade and Soul Summoner

Are you playing Blade & Soul? Do you want to be a good summoner in this game?

Compared to other classes, Blade & Soul Summoner is a quite simple character as it is easy operating just by pressing the skill bar when it is lightening. For good Summoners, you should know how to use relative skills corresponding the different situations.

Therefore you have to use relative skills which depend on the different situations, no matter when it happens.

1. Why it is simple to operate a summoner?

As a qualified skilled summoner, you should know how to control the cat. And the first thing to control the cat is that you should focus on your lovely cat as you may distract. Good distraction is based on simple operation. For instance, if you press here and there when fighting, you have to make skills connection and have enough energy to distract.

It is insufficient to pay attention to the cat in the team as you also need to concentrate on your teammate. Therefore, if you want to be a qualified summoner, you should know how to control yourself in the battle and focus on the cat and teammate, you should know how to control yourself in the Battle and focus on the cat and teammates.

2. Teamwork spirit

To be a qualified summoner, you should good teamwork spirit and learn how to judge when you need supply seed shroud to your teammate. It is not wise to supply seed shroud when you see your teammate is getting attacked. But you can supply see shroud when below things happen.

① When teammate is about to suffer deadly attack.
② When teammate is about to be attacked during releasing magic.
③ When teammate is about to be attacked during the status of falling down.
④ Your teammate will suffer debuff with great influence.

You should learn judgment during the combat and judge whether the teammate can solve the difficulties by himself or not.

3. The judgment of Seed Shroud

There is difference between judgment of teammate and you. When you hold up the see shroud, you will still suffer attack from puncture effect. Whether the teammate changes into invisibility after resisting injury once or being debuff, the teammate can resist attack once as long as being injury and being debuff as it has See Shroud protection on the body.

4. The red circle cannot be represented as superior.

If red circle occurs, it means you have suffered output influence, which means you should control the Boss position to ensure the boss not run about. And you should control the attack direction of the Boss and prevent the Boss from attacking the lower HP teammates or the one who is releasing magic. When you see teammates falling down, you should draw away from the Boss and keep it away from the teammate who has fallen down and don’t try to avoid the Boss close to the teammate who is releasing magic.

Always remember to give F to help the teammate who is releasing magic when you are close to him. You should not surpass the teammates’ full course output within 20 seconds.

Hope above tips are useful for you to enjoy summoner class!

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