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How to Acquire Gear, Weapons and Upgrade them in Blade and Soul

With the newest update patch for Blade and Soul releasing, I wrote this guide for the Silverfrost patch. The first part is mainly to introduce how to acquire gears and how to upgrade weapons.

Before moving forward, it is suggested you use gem hammers to install 4 gems slots into your weapon as early as your possible as this can save your money in the long run.

With the new Silverfrost patch releasing in NA version, weapon paths can receive an additional upgrade path. You can choose either to stay at your current system or switch over to the new system, which means there is no rush to upgrade your weapon before the patch. In terms of whether to stay at the current path or switch over to the new system, in my opinion, if you are before the Pirate upgrades, just stay at the current upgrade path. However, you should change based on the market price of new Silverfrost crafting materials.

You need to upgrade your weapon to True Profane, and all of your accessories to Awakened Infernal. From there on, you need do follow things step by step.

1.Buy the Sparkling Pentagonal Diamond (25 attack power) and socket it into your weapon. Though it is really expensive, you can keep it for a long time. To get cheap Blade and Soul gold, you can go to SSEGold.com!
2.Upgrade your weapon to Awakened Siren.
3.Buy 2 more gems to socket into your weapon. In my opinion, I suggest you buy Brilliant Pentagonal Amethyst (Life Drain on Hit) and Brilliant Pentagonal Ruby (230 additional damage). Or you can go down a gem tier as they are really too expensive. As the prices of gems varies based on class, have a good understanding of your class!
4.Upgrade accessories (in this order) to Awakened Siren: Ring > Earring > Necklace.
5.Upgrade your weapon to True Siren.
6.Try to get the purple Siren Belt from Blackram Supply Chain. Then upgrade it to level 10 through Bloodshade Harbor.
7.The blue Siren Bracelet from Blackram Supply Chain is currently best in slot. As you can keep upgrading Prate bracelet from bloodshade Harbor in the future, you can try to get one.
8.Upgrade accessories and weapons as you see fit, for you are now ahead of most players and are way more than capable of clearing all current content.

Then you need to acquire Moonwater Transformation Stones which can be acquired by either crafting yourself if you are a Soul Warden with the Merry Potter recipe or just purchasing from the Marketplace. The Merry Potter recipe is to make Premium Tempered Clay Refiner that can be used as a reagent to create Moonwater Transformation Stones. To get soulstones, you can obtain from Zen Beans or daily dungeons. Also, you can acquire 2 soulstones by completing Tomb of the Exiles once a day as well.

In order to transmute Element Packages to upgrade your weapons and accessories, you need to use cold Iron Offering equipment which cost 10 silver for each upgrade. If you have owned these elements from leveling, you can use them from Awakened Siren upwards.

If you are still working on Awakened Infernal, you can grind Tomb of the Exiles for the purple drops and use those as a cheap way to upgrade your gear, as it only costs 50 copper per upgrade .

In order to make enough Blade and Soul gold to upgrade everything to Siren level, it takes a few weeks if you do dailies every day.