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How do the new players play the ESO?

The Elder Scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls online is a high degree of freedom in the role-playing game, the opening of the world for you any exploration, there is a huge world view and rich story as well as a series of tasks you need to know to do it, you need to put this role and all experience them, follow the corresponding rules of the game for their growth. By communicating with NPC, through tasks and scenarios, you can find a sense of fun and fulfillment in this complex world. That's why the elder scrolls have fascinated many players. So, if you're a new player, how do you play the ESO?

First of all you need to know this game is not determined what is your occupation, type of role is to develop according to your preferences, there are a variety of skills, you want to be what kind of role is direction of development. The game is on the increase of various skill level to enhance the role of experience and level, each upgrade skills, the corresponding role will increase the level of experience, experience with character level can rise a class, can let you assign 10 bonuses and 1 skill points after the upgrade.

The game has the blacksmith, alchemy, enchantment and other business skills, which means that you can earn a lot of eso gold, to do the task, go to cave, kill strange, collect junk, sell, and so on, you can also practice stealing skills, do thieves. It should be noted that if your eloquence is very low, then the price difference will be very large, so it is very important to promote eloquence. Eloquence can be promoted through trade, persuasion and bribery.