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How do the new players play ESO online?

play ESO online

Players are very familiar with ESO online, but they can not understand every aspect in the game, for example, new players who have just entered the game may encounter doubts and difficulties.

As a new player, I suggest you save as much eso gold as possible and provide all the PvE solos. This will allow you to save enough ESO gold. When you have enough ESO gold, you can buy and improve some decent equipment. I wouldn't recommend doing any dungeons every day, unless they are easy, otherwise it will be nice and give you some experience.

As a new player, if you end a task, something that seems incorrect may happen, such as an important item or missing person. It may not be your fault. When you encounter this situation, the best way is to log out and log in to your account again. If you don't solve the problem, you should pursue another task. There are a lot of tasks in the world, and you don't have to stay on this task all the time.

As a new player, you will also try to upgrade your configuration while you are configuring. Know any new recipes you can get, and use any of the ingredients you find so that you can do anything so that you get at least the experience of the skill line. You also need to make food for your game. I suggest you put all guild traders from one to another until you find a recipe called Mistral Banana-Bunny Hash.

Hopefully these tips will help those who join the game, and more new players will be able to visit our official website and have a good time!