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Highlights of FFXIV: Heavensward's Enormous 3.05 Patch Part 2

As I have updated a guide about hightlights of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 3.05 Patch, I want to keep update of these new highlights for players better understanding of Heavensward which is quite popular and hot in FFXIV.

1. An Exclusive Mount in Alexander


There is a photo of a new mount posted among the patch notes. It has a visual style akin to that of enemies in Alexander, which is likely to be rare drop in Alexander Savage.


2. Dragoon Positionals Are No Longer as Punishing

A new mechanic was given in Heavensward Dragon. In it, a tier four weaponskill can be used when Blood of the Dragon is up. It sounds great on paper, while the problem that many Dragoons face is that two weaponskills can proc, and one of them requires usage from behid the target to achieve top damage. While the other from the flank. Players have been punished significantly without proper positioning with a 100% possibility instead of 290.

SE improve the base potency to 200 in Patch 3.05. If you miss the proper positioning for one of these two skills, then your DPS won’t fall off a cliff because of it.

3. PvP Has Tons of New Options


The 3.05 Patch is an important one for you if you are interested in PvP. On one hand, the maximum PvP rank was increased from 40 - 50 providing skilled PvPers with new milestones to aim for. On the other hand, a new item level 180 gear was added into it. Moreover, a new PvP battlegroud named Seal Rock was added, too.

Seal Rock is a Frontline based in a Sea of Clouds/La Noscea style environment and has a new mode of play unlike previous battlegrounds.

4. AF2 Armor is Finally Available


With this new patch 3.05, a huge library of gear was added. Firstly, gears comes from Alexander Savage were added. Out side of the accessories and weapons, this gear has an appearance similar to the Alexander Normal gear, but can be dyed.

While the addition of AF 2 gear is the real highlight. This gear is remarkably beautiful with a visual style similar to the bonus you got for free from your job level 40-45 quests. Nevertheless, it is much better, and can be acquired at a consistent rate using Tomestones of Esoterics.

5. New Elite Marks Added


Hunts are an important part of the level 60 experience, and new elite marks have found their way into the game with 3.05. These are outdoor bosses that typically require a group to defeat, and reward players with Centurion Seals.

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