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Hacker Attacked Runes of Magic Database, Holding Users' Info as Hostages

It's reported that a Runes of Magic player called "augustus87" has hacked Frogster's database and threatened to release the data that contain over 3.5 million players' info to public, and even shut down the game's servers unless Frogster meet his demands.

It's not "911" or terrorist attack, but the deeds, including the purpose of the guy are exactly the terrorist style. But don't take it seriously, since Frogster has announced that the information that got hacked and kidnapped is old data from 2007 and won't do too much harm to Runes of Magic players.

The hacker seems to be quite a righteous guy and the man who advocate free speech, as he asks Frogster to stop closing or deleting any thread on the forum (perhaps not a good idea), treat the company's employees more kindly and respect their privacy (is that guy working in Frogster?), and fight against in-game cheating (well, good guy), etc.

The hacker even uploaded an audio to YouTube to let more people know that.