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Guild Wars 2 June 4th Update Preview

New Rewards

In addition to the rewardsfrom boss fights, all creatures in Southsun Cove will have a chance to dropthese new rewards from May 28 through June 11

Mini Reef Rider

Settler’s Amulet, Keepsake,and Ring

The exclusive Southsun backitems introduced in the last release are still available

Fervid Censer: Complete theSouthsun Volunteer Fieldwork Achievement.

Sclerite Karka Shell:Complete any 25 of the Secret of Southsun achievements.

Don’t wait – these itemsdisappear on June 11

And finally, there is a newmerchant who will appear at Pearl Islet as a part of the map-wide Karka Queen event thatstarts on June 4. Visit this merchant to purchase two new potions as well as some special weapons and armor.

New Achievements

Five new achievements wereadded as part of this release. Three of the achievements will be available onMay 28, while the remaining two will become available a week later on June 4. All of these achievements(and all the prior achievements for The Secret of Southsun) will no longer beavailable for acquisition after the conclusion of the event on June 11.