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Guild Wars 2 gameplay experience share

I have 2 alts and I do play Guild Wars casually. when I attend uni I'm not online. I can very well tell you in the time I play as a casual I've acquired 4 legendaries and maxed out 1 char in ASC gear.

All these sooks are whinging about a measley 400 points in which case most would have completed the core tyria map essentially having about 200 points right of the bat.

Now then there's me, and many other players whom created ravenants essentially starting at lvl 1.

We had to A. Level our chars to 80 to even get to Maguuma and mind you not everyone has tomes at the ready. Visit our Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide if you're interested.

B. Because we had no map completion in Tyria on these new toons we had no hps to help us unlock our elites like the majority of players who had about half way unlocked theirs. We had to work for ours in maguuma essentially earning 10 pts each hp 40 total to unlock the complete elite. I can hands down say within 4 hrs I had my elite unlocked. I know many many other people who also unlocked theirs in this time.

I can also say I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge in attaining these points too and I can guarantee many others did as well because there is a huge number of forums addressing it. Unfortunately Anet chose to listen to the minority of players who want everything to be easy and not learn how to play a game. To buy cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, SSEGold provide GW2 gold in huge stock!

The funny thing is everyone asked for new "challenging and hard" content. Yet when its released there's a mini party of players that jump on the nerf bandwagon and say "this is too hard, that's too hard, this needs to be nerfed". None of these people want to actually learn how to play, they just want all the goodies handed to them right of the bat. I can guarantee you're in this minority.

Then that's not enough is it? The minority needs to complain about the hps being too hard to accquire, "oh the masteries needed for this is too high nerf it"

"The stories too hard too, nerf that, oh and the events". Please explain to me how this is end game content? When everything is essentially easy to acquire, easy to do. I can guarantee you within a few months people will start saying, the games boring now. Because everything is so easy.

You and all other in the minority have essentially downgraded the expansion for what its worth and made it unenjoyable for the majority who actually enjoyed the hard content. You all complain that the creatures are too hard to avoid and do way too much damage to you that you die so quickly and easily. Yet ALL OF YOU pretty much stand in the frikken AOE etc and just don't want to learn how to play in the new maps.

ANET even said before the release of the game the new expansion would bring tough content which you should prepare for. But hey guess what? You didn't prepare. You chose to buy an expansion which was clearly advertised as difficult and then complain about it being hard? makes no sense.

Theres so many posts now about Sooks like yourself complaining about the fact they can't just press the 1 key anymore and the super easy has disappeared from the game. Last time I checked Guild Wars2 combat was designed to essentially keep you on your toes and paying attention to what's going on. Not standing around mashing auto attack all day. If you want to do this go play wow.