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Guild Wars 2 AOE Looting will be added

Continuespoiler. The new steampunk set and airship are not that convincible. In June,there’s no big patch of Guild Wars 2 released. According to the habitof ArenaNet, there should be a big patch coming at the end of this month.Now let’s have a look at the update file extracted from the client by a playerfrom reddit. You will believe that there will be an Aetherblade at the end ofthe month. 

Firstof all, let’s have a look at the preview of the next activity. 

Nowlet’s take a look at two concept arts extracted from database.

Let’ssee what will be included in next patch.

109710_0931   AoE Loot  

109710_0930   Automatically loot all lootable objects in a radius around you.

109822_0170   AoE Loot On Interact

109822_0171   AoE Loot whenever you press the Interact key.

WvW Booster:

109710_0926    Increase yourWvW skills faster.

109710_0927    Gain an additional50%% World vs World experience from kills for one hour.

The most attractive thing is AOE looting, andthen the buff potion of WvW and the 5 mini pets in Dragon Bash festival.

Someone even posted the achievement list on theofficial forum. And Colin said that it was their mistake.

There are a bunch of events coming. ArenaNet is really working hardon the game!