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Flyff V17 Expansion Sneak Peek

Flyff, the first free to play MMORPG in the US, is one of the most adored MMOs of our time and has been described by the community as endearing, charming, and undeniably fun. Now the game gives players a sneak peek at V17!

The expansion will include a new zone, a new dungeon, new monsters, new inhabitants and so much more! V17 will also introduce two new systems, a Colosseum System which will allow players to form groups and take on bosses for loot and glory and a Cooperation System that rewards players for working together to complete a goal. With this expansion will also come a plethora of new quests, and a quest revamp for the 2nd job change!

Players can also look forward to user interface (UI) improvements and graphic enhancements, as well as weapon upgrade enhancements, a fashion combination system, and shiny new armor sets.

To learn more about V17, please check out the Flyff Forum and view the V17 trailer!