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Five Guild Wars 2 Characters

To play Guild Wars 2, you should select a character for yourself firstly. There are five main races of Tyria, Asura, Human, Charr, Sylvari and Norn. The character you choose determines which region you can start your adventure as different characters has different storyline and racial abilities in the game. Here I want to remind players gender and race has no effect on potential. A hulking male Norn warrior is just as deadly as a female Asura.

Asura is a diminutive race of techno-magical inventors. They believe ingenuity triumphs over brute force. Asura start their adventure among malfunctioning golems in the jungle laboratories near the monolithic city of Rata Sum. With continuous progress, Asura can get access to technological racial skills, like golem battlesuits.

Charr is a savage race of feline conquerors defined by war and domination. Charr care about Victory as the most important thing in their life. They want to win and are willing to sacrifice themselves at any cost. Charr start their story in ghost-besieged Ascalon, outside the fortified city the Black Citadel. Charr can gain militray racial skills which call upon the might of the charr war machine as they advance.

Human is a proud noble race which may lost their former glory. Their human spirit can remain undefeatable. Human start their tale outside the mighty walls of Divinity’s Reach in farmlands threatened by ruthless bandits and raiding centaurs. Human characters can gain racial skills related to the six human gods as they level up.

Sylvari is a mysterious race of plant beings, and they are new arrivals to Tyria seeking to satisfy their endless curiosity through adventure and exploration. Sylvari can awaken in the shade of the massive Pale Tree to a landscape of luminous beauty and great danger. Sylvari can manifest the power of nature with their powerleveling up.

Norn is a race of owering hunters from the frozen north, and they revere the Spirits of the Wild. Norn is a race of heroes their life is like a joyous struggle. They start their adventure in the wild and dangerous Wayfarer Foothills near the great lodge of Hoelbrak. When reaching high level, Norn can get racial skills which allow them to call upon the power of their totem Spirit.

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