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Fishing leveling guide ffxiv: The Basics and Tips

For fishing, you might want to check the Market Board and buy up all the brainlessly cheap fish to make this a little bit less of a hassle. You can submit fish as quest requirements that are bought from NPC/Auction house. 
ffxiv Fishing leveling guide
As a gentleman fisher you should dress for success by incorporating not just stylish clothes. Gathering determines your ability to catch difficult or "higher level" fish. Perception enhances your ability to catch "high quality" fish and comes into play quite often with the fishing ability Mooch. 

The Basics
Once equipped with a fishing rod, your class will change to the Fisher class and you will have access to the following abilities:
Bait - Allows you to designate what Bait or Lure is attached to your fishing rod.
Cast - Assuming you're facing a body of water, this ability will allow you to begin fishing.
Hook - Catches the fish currently on your line (Indicated by a noise and your rod bending towards the water).
Quit - Exits fishing, can also be accomplished by moving.
Cast Light - Activates a glowing light on the tip of your rod. Helpful when fishing at night.

1-5: Limsa lominsa. using the bait provided
5-10: Middle la Noscea. Nym river switching up to Crayfish Balls
10-20: Western la Noscea Brewers Beacon using goby balls until 15 where you switch to rat tails
20-27: Upper la Noscea. Oakwood Lake on the western side of the map using Crow Flys and Brass spoon lures
27-35: Western Thanalan. Moondrip using chocobo fly here gives you grip killifish which are the best exp by far until dune fishing
35-40: Southern Thanalan. Sagoli Dunes using Sand leeches
40-45: Eastern Thanalan. The Burning wall using Stem borers until 41 where i switched to Mithril spoon lure
45-50: Either Cloud Fishing in Coerthas or Mor dhona North Silvertear for catching fish for the nearby leves (HQ fish turn ins are 90k a pop) Cloud fishing uses hover worms, Mor Dhona used Glow worms.

Lvl 50 - Please Halone, Tell Me I'm Still Asleep [73220 XP] - 3 Coerthas Crab
Lvl 50 - The Voice of the Fury [76696 XP] - 2 Blueclaw Shrimp
Lvl 50 - Dine or Spine [33882 XP] - 3 Lake Urchin*

Lvl 52 - Loose Lips Heal (Broken) Hips [85622 XP] - 3 Three-lip Carp
Lvl 52 - Fish Oils and Forgotten Spoils [98430 XP] - 2 Grass Carp
Lvl 52 - Bounty of Sky, Bounty of Earth [37714 XP] - 3 Cloudfish*

Lvl 54 - Analysis of Paralysis [111429 XP] - 3 Mahu Wai
Lvl 54 - The Aquariums of Ishgard [124584 XP] - 2 Buoyant Oviform
Lvl 54 - Bearing of the Blue [44571 XP] - 3 Blue Cloud Coral*

Lvl 56 - Dining with Dravanians [137872 XP] - 3 Hundred Fins
Lvl 56 - Solo Out the Bolo [151273 XP] - 2 Brown Bolo
Lvl 56 - Pipira Pirouette [51429 XP] - 3 Pipira Pira*

Lvl 58 - They Call It The Kissing Disease [178349 XP] - 2 Yalm Lobster
Lvl 58 - Spew Forth and Spawn [164769 XP] - 3 Fountfish
Lvl 58 - Warmer than Wine [58286 XP] - 3 Bullwhip*