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First Ever Image for PlanetSide Next Emerged!

It's fair to say that SOE's president John Smedley is now one of the busiest men in MMO world. He has to handle with DCUO's on-going out-of-stock problem and keep adding new servers. On the other hand he's preparing another two projects, The Agency and PlanetSide Next. Today John Smedley gave out the first ever image for PlanetSide Next through his twitter.

"NC ftw!"

Smedley doesn't tell too much about the image but simply "NC ftw!" It's guessed that NC stands for New Conglomerate, one of the three factions in the original PlanetSide MMO. It's happy to see that recently, SOE's president has offered us some important information about the game through interview and twitter: the game is planned to release at late first-quarter, early second-quarter of 2011 and will have a beta before release.

Source: Massively

New Conglomerate badge