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Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood New Optional Items Available:Mog Station

Mog Station is the account management system for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Within Mog Station the player can manage their monthly subscription payment and purchase optional services.Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood New optional items have been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station.

New Optional Items

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Mog Station
Blackbosom Attire
Blackbosom Hat, Blackbosom Dress, Blackbosom Dress Gloves, Blackbosom Boots

Blackbosom Reaper's Collection
Blackbosom Grim Reaper, Blackbosom Fate Reaper, Blackbosom Soul Reaper, 
Blackbosom Heart Reaper, Blackbosom Blood Reaper

Blackbosom Grim Reaper
Blackbosom Fate Reaper
Blackbosom Soul Reaper
Blackbosom Heart Reaper
Blackbosom Blood Reaper

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