Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Explansion New Job - Samurai

There will be a new job and two new character classes introduced to the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion. Since we know the first new class is Red Mage, the other is Samurai. If you want to buy FFXIV Gil, SSEGold is your best choice with professional service and instant delivery!

In fact, the crimson-clad, katana-wielding warriors will be a damage-based class concentrated on unloading on enemies on the front lines of fights and will help STR gear. However, Samurai will not have a base class and it will start at level 50. Luckily, the character looks to share at least a passing resemblance to FFX’s Auron, there is no quest that the series is most bad ass swordsman.

Also, this news was accompanied by a trailer for the expansion’s opening cinematic (above) which shows off the feel and look of Othard, which is one of the FFXIV three main continents where the Stormblood take place. Both a Samurai and Red Mage tear shit up. The new player hub will be the port town of Kugane, with a new residential area called Shirogane. And of course there will be new dungeons in areas called Yanaxia and The Azim Steppe.

Besides, a verison of Bliztball (mini-game from FFX) is worked on by a team of Square Enix. At one point in the opening cinematic there’s a giant floating sphere filling up with water, only further bolstering the expansion’s spiritual connection to Spira.

Square Enix announced the class and other details about the upcoming expansion at a keynote during the Final Fantasy XIV FanFest being held in Frankfurt this weekend. Among other things, the company said it will double the capacity of estates going forward.

But before the event could conclude, Square Enix brought out Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu to introduce the main them for Stormblood which he composed. The song is called “Revolutions” will be sung by the familiar voice of Susan Calloway.

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