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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.4 to Arrive mid sept: "Prelude In Violet"

In the same press release, producer and director Naoki Yoshida teases content coming to FFXIV in Patch 4.4 such as new main storyline quests, two new side quests called The Four Lords and Even Further Hildibrand Adventures, two new dungeons named The Burn and Saint Mociannes Arboretum, a new trialed called Suzaka, and a new Raid named Omega: Alphascape, as well as updates to a handful of mechanics.
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.4

FFXIV Patch 4.4: "Prelude In Violet"
New Main Scenario Quests
New Sidequests – The Four Lords and Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
New Dungeons – The Burn and Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)
New Trial – Suzaku
New Raid – Omega: Alphascape
Updates to jobs, PvP, Battle System, Eureka, Gathering and Crafting, Grand Companies, Housing, The Gold Saucer and more.

New Dungeon: The Burn! That brief playable section where you got to control Alphanuad in the then unseen province of The Burn was not only teasing a huge story stinger but also the next playable dungeon. It was a huge surprise at the end of the last patch to see Alphanuad and his Garlean companions airship crash in the desolate land, only up until now teased on a fan translated map of Eorzea released in the lead up to Stormblood.  Seems like the Warrior of Light will be really feeling the Burn this next patch.

New Dungeon: Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum A normal version of this dungeon was original released in Patch 3.1 -“As Light, So Goes Darkness” way back in 3.1. Now in the twilight of the Stormblood era we’ll get to revisit the Arboretum for a harder encounter.

New Trial: Suzaku & Suzaku EX (The Four Lords Part 3)
New Raid: OMEGA raid tier concludes with OMEGA Alphascape and Alphascape Savage.

Role Action Changes: Each job will now have a total of 10 slots for Role Actions versus the current 5. It’s unknown if this is an admission that the Role Action system isn’t working as intended – as Role Actions like Refresh / Tactician for BRD / MCH and Protect for healers aren’t really optional or mandetory. Regardless it looks like we’ll all have 5 more actions to add to our hotbars next patch.

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