Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3: Bunny Suit Will for Male Characters

04/09/2018 上午
Square Enix announced that they would also make the popular bunny costumes available to men. 

The mobile companion app is planned to deploy around Patch 4.3, and they will show it off in a later live letter. at the tail end of their deep dive into Final Fantasy XIV's writing, Square Enix revealed the update. 

"It's not going to happen immediately," main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa told the audience. "It's going to be implemented some time during the Patch 4.3 series."

Final Fantasy XIV most recent update brought with it the Eureka area, which features new rewards and lots of enemies to kill. While the new content was welcomed, it was criticized in some quarters for relying too heavily on grinding. 

The male adventurers have long enough because of lack of equality on the streets of Eorzea. Patch 4.3 should be out by the time summer arrives. 

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