Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.56 - The Top 5 Best ways to make FFXIV Gil

This is a guide to introduce five ways to make FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.56.

The No.5 best way to make FFXIV is Gardening. If you have mansions then your middle house or even small house, you can make a bit of deal with it. The better depending on the amount of gardens you have. You can make a lot if you have a mansion, you can make a lot of FFXIV just with gardening. What I am selling with gardening is 27 audion onions and blood peppers. Those are really selling good. As you can see I have sold a lot of submarine onions here. People use it to level of leftover. Let’s take a look at block pepper crisis. I have a gardening guide and I have linked it in the video description for you. If you need it, there is blood pepper which is really good. And you can also make minions out of the block peppers that’s all really god as well. If we go to Weaver recipes, all minions except for Leviathan because it rock in the diadem and the drops in price for not worth making that/

The No. 4 is the internal nodes. If we take different types of a design, we take a look at down born. The drawers dropped in price since last, But it all goes back up in price as people buy the sky last year, which are used to craft after a new skylight theater item level 255. While you are trying to get down bones. If you follow the rotation in this video. Except for the lots of crystal and clusters, while you are doing this, there is also life kiss eider son. For this one, you need that bit higher gear, I would say item level 170 at least the carbon we here.

The No.3 best way is to sell the Ironworks and tools. As you can see, I have some of them and if we take a look at the sale history, I have sold a lot of the past few days. It is really selling very well in my server.

The No.2 is portions and food. As you can see the screenshot, the materials expense are not excessively. Just gather some graphic description by them and either some part you have mentioned it also one of the best ways to make you just selling it. But if you are an alchemist, then you can gear them instead of selling the dust. Once you just make the potions out of them, you make make more profit. As for food, it is good way to make FFXIV Gil for the starts with. Summoners or scholars can take advantage of it, and it is the best food for black meat. And these are selling very well.

Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil

The No.1 best way to make FFXIV Gil is selling the sky vodka, because the materials are really very cheap so that it can make a profit really hard. All you need to do is to enter the diadem and gather the materials for this. Just go here and get the aether sounds for it. Those are all the materials you need. Some other materials are there but also very cheap. You can get your retainers to get them for you.

For the details, just watch the below video!

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