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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide For level 36-50

As I have written Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide For Level 1 -15 and Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide For level 15-35 these two FFXIV leveling guide,s I want to update this guide. This is the last 15 levels of the previous FFXIV before Heavensward released.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Level 35-40:

If you are players who level depending on F.A.T.E quests, it is a good choice to complete the main story quests when reaching level 35 and completing all the class quests as there is not an effective area to level fast by completing F.A.T.E at this stage.

Tip: Though thus, don’t forget to complete your F.A.T.E quest, they can still give you decent exp reward. When getting through these areas, you can complete them along the way.

When you catch up with the main story, you will start a new battle Trial Lord of the Crag (level 34). You will meet Tank and watch out of its AOE. Then you can go straight to complete the next level 35 copy which is not included in the main story quests. You can find it at the Waking Sands of the coast of Vesper and this copy will be the first copy that need multiple combinations to defeat the boss.

At level 38, a new copy will be unlocked and it is not similar to the previous. It is quite easy and even can be skipped. Except that you joined the Army of Waking Sands, it will be one of your Hunting Log quests.

Tip: Make sure you are still doing Hunting Log quests and class quests to gain extra exp.
You will be taken into a new area which is the destination of level 40-45 by your main story quests and Hunting Log quests.

Upgrading recommendations:
Unfortunately, there is no other better way to level from 35-40, so it is perfect chance to clear all your left quests to ensure you access to the next area.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Level 40-45:

It is time to go back to F.A.T.E quests after long enjoying the 5 level upgrading. At this time, you should complete the main story and F.A.T.E quests at the same time.

The place of F.A.T.E is Coerthas. It is not suggested you give hope to continuous F.A.T.E quests. Whatever, they will still give nice exp rewards. You will accept the first copy at level 41, it is not difficult but still need you focus your concentration to deal with.

At level 44, you will accept a quest from Army, and this quest will lead you to the last copy before level 50. If the previous copies make you frustrated and tired, then be careful, it will be a bigger trouble! And at this time, your main story quest will bring you to challenge the next great battle The Howling Eye and you need prepare as well as you can to challenge it.

Tip: It is suggested you start the level 44 battle when reaching level 45.

Clear your main story quests and Hunting Log quests. Complete as many F.A.T.E as you can and try not to do other quests as you need them to upgrade your deputy class.

Level 45-50:
First of all, you should complete the class quests so you can easily challenge the level 44 battle.
After you finished the level 44 battle, start your way to Ceruleum Processing Plant to start F.A.T.E quests and clear all main story quests.

Try you best not to miss out any F.A.T.E Dark Devices which has the most exp rewards. Especially, when your teammates know how to fix target to increase exp.

When close to completing all the main story quests, you need to complete the previous 8 quests and the next copies so that you can the last Artefact Armor or you can Buy FFXIV Gil to get it.

The first level 49 copy is quite easy. The next copy will be encountered when your doing the level 50 main story quest, and it is a little difficult than the previous one. It will be quite simple if you have a good team.

The last copy combines the characteristics of the first two copies and it is continuous battle. Team cooperation is of great importance.

After finished the last copy, you will get the last Artefact Armor. Congratulations!

Below is the requirements of leveling different classes.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

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