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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide For level 15-35

As Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide For Level 1 -15 wrote the first part of FFXIV leveling guide, I want to update this guide.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Level 16-20:

If you are loyal to follow your main story quest, you can explore the most part of the map.

Tip: Coming to new town, you should not start other quests before completing the main story quest as you need them to upgrade your deputy profession.

Note: At this time, you can switch your deputy profession as long as you find your profession guider. But remind you that you will start your deputy profession from level 1. You can switch your profession by switching your weapon. At this stage, your main story quest will take you to explore three copies from level 15 to 17.

Tip: when challenging them for the first time, you need to talk to the NPC beside the door to unlock it. After that, you can challenge it by yourself or grouping a team.
Note: try your best to defeat the monster responding to your level so that you can get extra EXP rewards.

From now on, you are no limited to gain exp by completing main story quest. Copies can be completed again and again, and the rewards are quite decent. Whatever, don’t forget to completing your main story quest and Hunting Log quest, some of which can be completed in the battle (copies or dungeon).

When reaching level 20, you will accept the main story quest Bowl of Embers and a copy along the White Sand coast called Halatali which the main story can take you to.

Tip: In order to get Chocobo which can gotten by FFXIV Gils, you must complete level 20 main story quest BOE.

Upgrading recommendations:
- Repeated to complete copies to gain enough exp to unlock F.A.T.E and other quests.
- Keep a habit that is clearing main story quests and Hunting Log quests.
- Complete deputy quests and other quests as less you can, and you need them to upgrade your deputy profession.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Level 21-25:
This is a stage to be skilled. If you like the traditional quest leveling way, just follow the main story quests and clear all the other quests.

At level 30, you can unlock new upgrading class. At level 32, you can complete copy Brayflox’s Longstop which can provide your much exp and decent equipment. If you are interested in this way, just do it till reaching level 35.

Tip: Don’t forget class quests.

Upgrading recommendations:
Though it is effective to completing quest in an appropriate area, if possible, you’d better join a team with eight players or other teams to completing F.A.T.E. If you choose the right area, you can upgrade from 15- 25 quite fast and effective.

At this stage, the best area for F.A.T.E is located at La Noscea.

Tip: If you haven’t unlocked the part of the map, you can start from the coast of La Noscea to the middle of La Noscea, then go forward to the north. When arriving, explore this map to find Wineport and Aeathernet crystals of Costa del Sol. Finally, you can start your F.A.T.E quests.

When you doing F.A.T.E, below tips can be taken into consideration:
- In order to maximize your exp, prepare to transfer from one town to another. When someone start to transfer, he can lead all the teammates to transfer, so let the play who has Chocobo to do this. Cooperation is quite important.
- Be familiar with your F.A.T.E. Rewards of some of the F.A.T.E quests can be times much than other F.A.T.E quests.
- Some F.A.T.E quests require you to collect some items besides you. If you are doing these quests, wait till the last minute to hand in it to get the most rewards from killing the small monsters around this place as they are not limited by the time restriction of F.A.T.E, which means the longer there is no player to hand in, the longer you can kill the AOE small monsters. You can easily get 30+ double hit. If lock them, you can get a great deal of extra exp rewards.

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