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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide For Level 1 - 15

Since I have played Final Fantasy XIV for a year, I have a full level FFXIV account. I think to play a game is a good enjoy of game, and we can gain happiness from gameplay and friendship from group play. Today, I am willing to share some of my experience about how to get full level FFXIV character.

Level 1-50:

When you start your journey on FFXIV, you will have your own journey based on your class.

Gridania: Archer, Ancer, Conjurer

Ul'dah: Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge

Limsa Lominsa:Marauder, Arcanist

These three cities will be your play area to level the first 15 levels. You can learn the most of the basic operation of this game here. And the main story quest starts here.

When you reach level 15, you can leave here and start your real journey.

Basic tips:
- Make sure you have enough FFXIV Gils and carry with some food consistent with your level, which can bring you 3% EXP increase.

- Before level 15, it is not necessary for you to purchase weapon or armor as you can quickly pass this stage and save your time and energy for the next stage.

- Whatever you do, make sure keep completing the main story quests, because if you can’t unlock the flying boat, you are not allowed to leave here even if you had reached level 15.(it is only free to complete the main story quest for the first time.)


Level 1-15

This is the fast level stage, and you can complete various quests around the fresh player area and be familiar with this area and get your profession guide.

Tip: Make sure you are always on the way of main story quest, which can increase your understanding of your profession skills.

At level 3, you can leave the village and start to travel around suburb. Complete as many killing little monsters quests (F.A.T.E quests) to gain a great deal of exp.

It doesn’t mean the high level F.A.T.E quest is, the better for you. Make sure the level requirement of the F.A.T.E quest is the most close to your class level, then you can gain the most EXP rewards from this quest. For example, you can gain more exp from the quest which is one level lower than your character level than which is two level higher than yours.

At level 5, you will get a quest about hunting log. If you can complete this series of quests right after your main story quest, you will get a nice pair of equipment.

At level 6-15, you’d better still follow your main story quest, which will make you have a great understanding of the background of Final Fantasy. Try your best to unlock class quests and battle, and you are allowed to unlock your Hunting Log quest (Level 5) , Levequests and Guyildhests quests.

Your Hunting Log quest will bring you to travel around most places of the fresh player area, and it takes lots of time, but don’t worry, you will gain lots of exp rewards as compensation.

Levequests is similar to small F.A.T.E as you will asked to complete various kinds of different quests like killing monsters, ask somebody back home to eat meals, find bricks that threw by somebody, etc. But remember these quests are time limited, so complete these quests as soon as possible and leave your quests at hand alone.

Tip: There are quantitative restrictions for Levequests, so you should complete them step by step. Normally, you can gain decent rewards of FFXIV Gils and EXP from Levequsts.

Every five level can unlock two Guildhest quests and you can gain a great of EXP and FFXIV Gils for the first time complete them. Guildhests can be repeated completed, only the reward is less for the next time completed. Nevertheless, this is a good way to gain EXP.

Grade commendation:
- Complete as many F.A.T.E quests as you can.
- Try not to be away from your main story quest. You can accept some other quests to gain enough EXP at your level to unlock Hunting Log quests and F.A.T.E.
- Try not to upgrade your main profession by completing Guildhests and Levequests as more EXP are needed for your deputy profession upgrading.

When you reach level 15, maybe these quests can’t meet your demand of level 16 EXP, just do some branch quests to gain exp.

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