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Final Fantasy XIV Lancer Guide

This is a guide for FFXIV Lancer players to reach the level cap within 7 days. I will guide you to choose the right places, right abilities to uses and the right battle tactics to harness so that you can save time and make this process efficiently. This level guide will go over the details for each and every level step by step. Try your best to complete quests in no time.

Lancer Skills: at the beginning, all Lancers are created to be equal. If you want to be the outstanding one, you should know how to master skills. You should have a good understanding about each available tactics that allow your Lancer to perform well at its full potential.

Dominate in PvE: Send a shiver down other players’ spines through skill rotations which are tested and proven to perform excellently either in dungeon raids while leveling or during everyday farming. Make use of this information with the right equipment advice and strategies, and you have great chance to be an elite Lancer in no time.

Get the right weapons and gear: Arms come in all shapes and forms for Lancers. Don’t waste time or potential with anything but only the best gear for your character. You should have a thorough understanding of items and what stats can do for you will allow you to decide on the right armor piece or weapon without busting your budget. As for how to get these useful items, you can buy cheap FFXIV gil to buy them or just do corresponding quests to get them.

Going Solo: On the way completing main story quests, you can explore the world. Go from quest to quest without relying on others. It is experience accumulation and familiar with map.

Playing in a Group: Besides, you need to know how to join a group to do some dungeons. If you can join some groups with top tier players, it can makes your leveling trip easier and more efficient.

Making Gil as a Lancer: if you want to be an elite, you must lack FFXIV Gils. You need to know how to earn gils.

In the future, I want to post guide about each details.