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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Preparation Guide

The first expansion Heavensward in FFXIV will be available on Jun 23. Before the release, we can pre-order now. This is a guide to instruct players what can be done before Heavensward. Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Preparation Guide
Not just added new jobs are in the game, but also a whole new area is created with new flying mounts, new key characters and new enemies players will encounter. It would be quite overwhelming with all these new features. In this guide, i will give a short checklist of things and some tips to help players prepare for the upcoming expansion.

There are a mandatory list to unlock this new area:

1. Have the main story quest completed

This is up to patch 2.55 Before the Fall.

First of all, you should complete the main story quest and then get the access to the gates. When you go through them, a whole new story starts, and a lot of major changes are coming to you.

2. Get the highest item level possible.

It is of great importance to get the highest item level. When you encounter a monster of the same level as you on the field, you should try you best efforts to fight for you life. For effectively killing them, you can buy FFXIV Gil to get good gear and weapons. The max item level is 130 and the character’s physical level is 50 so far. It is supposed that the last item level will be 170 also at level 60. When your character reaches level 54, your armor will have an item level of 100-120. To save a lot of time later, you’d better gear up now!

3. Learn the job you're going to play.

Some players mean to switch job roles without any earlier play in that role in Heavensward. It is not recommendable at all. You need to learn the job when you jump from old jobs.

If you are White Mages and want to switch to Machinist, you should play as Bard or Black Mages. While if you are Bards and want to be Dark Knight, you should paly Paladin or Warrior. In terms of learning jobs, Final Fantasy XIV is pretty fair. The new ones require players to be level 50 and start at level 30, which can save time in the leveling process but makes players drop into a half-developed job without former training. Therefore, if you mean to switch roles to one of the new jobs, you’d better train a similar job to level 30 at least if you really have no experience in that role. It won’t take long and your future parties will help you. If you really have no time training, you can find a training dummy and get the rotation down at least!

4. Level a crafting/gathering class

Though it is quite tedious to level a crafting or gathering class as it cost time and FFXIV Gil, it is worth it. Especially when a patch comes in, Crafters make bank.

I have collect 500 thousand FFXIV Gil at level 20 Craft at the start of patch 2.3. Moreover, you can repair your own gear and save thousands of FFXIV Gil if your crafting level is high enough. It is suggested to be an armor class, like weaver or armorer, a weapon class, like Blacksmith or Carpenter, and an accessory or consumable class, such as Culinarian or Goldsmith. This combination can cover all your repair needs and provide you with the gear which doesn’t drop from dungeons. A gathering class is necessary to help to get materials for your crafting.

5. Level your companion.

When going against super mobs, you will need that bird.

6.Level as many jobs as you can!

When the expansion goes available, you will have to get all experience you can get. So you need to find a friend who needs some leveling and you help him go through the process faster.

Hope these tips are helpful for you being the Hero of Ishgard.

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