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Final Fantasy XIV Airship Guide for Rank 1-14

This guide is to promote the fine activity of Company Airship and to spur discussion on details which still remain a mystery. Hope you can learn something useful from this guide.

When you and your company have finished building your airship, I want to lay out a rough outline of the progress you will make and provide some tips along the way. Company Airship is a new and interesting part of Eorzea so that we should learn it well. Take everything here and a grain of salt and bravely to try new and different things.

Ranks 1 ~ 4: On a Wing and a Prayer

Give a name to your Airship and send her off into the wild blue yonder! You will have a limited number of sectors that can be visited and a chance to unlock more each trip. When you plan trips to several sectors, just try different flight paths to reduce your overall time. Look at your flight log and pay attention to the pattern. Consider adding your data to the rest of ours so we can learn more and share more musings by replying to the post.

Important items
You will need Vivianite from sectors 1 and 2 to build Garlond Steel which is a key material for crafting your invincible-type parts and start use at Rank 5. For the first part, you need 27 vivianite which equals to 9 garlond steel from here on. You can find them all up front and you will have an additional airship to help you with that later on.

Bamboo Weave from sectors 1 and 2, which need to unlock some of the airship prototypes. And sic for prototype II and 18 in total for all the prototypes.

Red Moko Grass from Sectors 3 and 4. Similar to vivianite, this will become quite important for crafting some of the Enterprise-type parts. You can buy FFXIV Gil from SSEGold with lowest price and fast delivery within 24 hours.

Though you can get some items from your airship, your company should hoard Coke and Darksteel Ore in large number as they are useful for crafting more parts.

Ranks 5 ~ 14: I'm Invincible! (Or a loony)

At Rank 5, you will get your first chance to upgrade one of your parts. It is smart to upgrade parts one when they become available instead of waiting for upgrading all at once. At Rank 5, you can get 16 capacity, which is enough to upgrade one part.

However, which part should upgrade ? This is not easy to answer. Some players think surveillance is quite important for unlocking sectors and make progress faster. Some others think upgrading a part can make them get EXP from it and rank up fast. At Rank 7 and 10, you can have enough air frame capacity to upgrade additional parts. You’d better upgrade at least one or two bronco parts since it is a long way to Rank 15.

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