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FIFA 21: Effective Ways to Score against Any Defense

FIFA 21 is arguably the best football simulation video game around. It is published by EA Sports and is available on almost all platforms, including the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The game has officially licensed player models with accurate stats from clubs around the world. FIFA 21 emphasizes player mechanics and has a lot of nuance and strategy built into the game. There are several attacking strategies that you can take advantage of to beat even the toughest defense. Here are some of the most important ones:

Renowned Driven Pass

Ground passes are an important part of trying to position yourself for the final shoot. However, ground passes have some key fundamental flaws that lead them to be quite weak when you are on the offensive. They generally are quite slow and inaccurate. 

To combat this, using Renowned Driven Passes is a much more effective move. They are an operated, powered, and speeded up version of a normal ground pass. Driven Passes are much more accurate in terms of reaching their target.

However, since the ball is generally faster, it is much harder to control at the receiver's end. You should generally have a Striker or Winger for this move; anyone over a rating of 85+ should be quite adept at passing. You can get these players by spending some FIFA 21 Coins by either buying Gold Packs or buying a player outright.

Landing a crucial pass like this should let you quickly dismantle the opponent's defense with ease.

Skill Move Importance

Skill Moves are the heart of FIFA 21. They add a lot of complexity to the game. If you want to get to the next level of Attacking, you need to practice your skill moves. To pull of Skill Moves, your footballer needs to have a certain star level. As can be expected, Defenders have lower star ratings, while wingers can often be found with four stars and above.

Some skill moves can be especially devastating to your opponent if executed at the right opportunity. As you face off against more difficult foes, it gets harder to walk up and score goals no matter how good the odds seem to be. For the most lethal skill moves, you should always trade in for a better player using FIFA 21 Coins. So, using Skill Moves and trying to outwit your opponent becomes an important part of your gameplay.

Standing Fake Shot

As the name suggests, the Fake Shot lets you keep the ball under somewhat close control while entirely mimicking the animation of an actual shot. In most cases, this will confuse your opponent and create a slight gap in their defense, which you can exploit.

We recommend that you only attempt Standing Fake Shots when you have no other option as the advantage it creates is quite slim as you will only have a split second before you can attempt the actual shot.

Wingplay and Cut Inside Classic Feature

FIFA 21 has developed quite a different dynamic in the center of the pitch. Now, Defenders will be running up to the middle often due to the game's change in pacing. Against experienced players, this turns into quite a big issue as you will not go outside your center squares. 

Once this happens, we recommend that you immediately resort to Wing Play and emphasize your Wingers as much as you can. Generally, it would help if you had Wider formations so you can implement these plays. Here are some formations that work excellently with Wing play:

•4-2-3-1 (Wide)

Whenever you open the wing, have a custom tactic set up with at least 5-6 players from your side going into the opponent's square. Being so aggressive creates immense pressure on the opponent and can generally lead to a clean goal due to the significant number of options you can take advantage of. 

If passing seems not to be the best option, you can always Cross to any of the players present in your midfield so they can try to get a headbutt in. They are not always accurate but having a shot on target is better than not trying in the first place. Having players bought from FIFA 21 Coins can greatly enhance your chances of landing a decisive cross.

One-Two for the Third Strategy

FIFA 21 allows a lot of flexibility and customization when it comes to defense tactics. So, it will not be very implausible for you to run into a situation where your Winger is cornered from every angle after opening up the field.

If this is the case, you can cross between the two wingers and try for a shot. If the shot has a high chance of whiffing, try bringing a Midfielder in and passing the ball back to them. Repeat this triangular passing pattern until you find an opening. This tactic helps you pin your opponent down while also making a lot of space for your formation to become more aggressive.

Double Tap Pass

FIFA 21 has added a lot of Double Tap features into the game. One new feature that is primarily used for Attacking aggressively is the double-tap pass. If you tap on your pass button twice, the ball should bobble or float slightly from the ground. If you find any Defender using the Bridge technique (aggressive sliding tackles), you should rest easy knowing that their tackle will not make you lose possession of the ball as it will be slightly above the ground.

Remember that this particular technique requires you to have pristine timing as you need to double-tap before the Sliding tackle animation starts. So, predicting the opponent Defender's next move is quite critical in this case.


FIFA 21 has evolved over the years to turn into a sophisticated, complex football simulation video game. However, it has still not lost its charm and quirky fun. For more competitive players such as yourself, knowing what buttons to press in a certain situation at the right time can mean the difference between scoring the perfect Goal or watching all Winger's hard work go to waste.

In most cases, using these methodologies alongside having a solid understanding of when it makes the most sense to apply them should turn you into an attacking powerhouse in no time. You should always invest in a better lineup by using your FIFA 21 Coins to get better players so you can pull off some sick plays!