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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Getting started, Trading, Team Management, Coins, and Playing the game!

Here's the guide you need to know in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Getting started, Trading, Team Management, Coins, and Playing the game! 

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Guide
Getting started with FUT can be a little overwhelming, but with a few helpful tips you can be well on your way to putting together a  killer lineup.

With FIFA 21 right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how to get your ultimate team off on the right foot. Whether you’ve never played competitively in FUT before or are a several year veteran, this guide will get you back to basics and help you from FIFA 21 day one. It can be daunting to get started, and a lot of people stick to playing casual matches or just playing with friends because they feel a lot of pressure when it comes to the competition online. If you are really committed to learning about the game making mistakes though, winning competitively in FIFA can be really rewarding!

In this short guide, we will cover everything from preparing yourself for the ultimate team experience, team building, trading, management, and finances (coins!). 

First up - get your priorities right
It might seem self-explanatory, but start off by asking yourself what you want from the FUT experience in FIFA 21. Are you aiming to climb the ladder and reach for those Champions points, or are you looking for more of a casual experience? Are you a seasoned player who wants to take it easy this time around and hang around in Bronze or Silver matches, or are you a beginner with stars in your eyes who wants to get good as quickly as possible? Everyone is different, and everyone’s idea of how the game should be played is different as well. A lot of people get a lot of self-satisfaction out of winning, and some people play just for fun, even if they lose most of their matches.

Overall, though, I think most people agree that getting better at the game can be self-fulfilling and rewarding in a lot of ways, and getting good at FUT involves much more than just the correct series of button presses within your matches (although that certainly is important). There are many complex systems that govern all aspects of your team, from training to management to actual players.

Once you have decided what your goals are and how you want to play, start doing some research about the FIFA 21 FUT system, and applying any knowledge you have about the past FIFA system to this new season. As with every iteration of FIFA, there are considerable changes to the rules this time around, and it is strongly suggested that you read up on how the game will work so that you can be properly prepared.

So how do I get started on my preparation?
There are a few things you can do right now to begin, not least of which is trying to get a hold of the beta and demo release of the game. Of course, the actual progress you make during this time will not carry over to the real game, but your experience will make you a more formidable FUT player. You can also check out the FUT 21 Web App, which is free to access until the game’s release date. The Special editions of FIFA 21 and EA/Origin access subscriptions also afford you extra bonuses when the game releases, which will give you a head start.

Building your team 
Everything about getting ahead in FUT revolves around your team’s performance, and at the start of a new season is the time where your little incremental improvements will culminate in a greater effect on your overall success. Once you begin and log in for the first time, you will be granted a Starter Pack; this includes everything you need to begin playing, and you should begin by opening all of these packs. Once opened, these packs will determine your next steps, but don’t rush in too quickly and start playing before you properly prepare. Coins are super important in this process, and a common strategy is selling all of the items that you can to begin with and using the coins to build the team you want from scratch. Whatever you do, don’t panic and think that you need to get to playing games straight away, as it’s more important to make sure your team is self-sustaining financially.

Trading and coins

The few coins that you start off with won’t seem like much, and you certainly shouldn’t waste them trying things that you are uncertain about, but they are more than enough for a great start, and everyone else will be more or less starting out the same as you. Keep an eye out for the free rewards in the ‘Seasons’ tab, and you can be making more coins in no time. Also, if you have any coins from FIFA 20 that you aren’t attached to, consider trading them for FIFA 21 coins to get ahead of the competition. Better yet, head over to SSEgold.com and pick up some coins hassle-free on their secure website. As mentioned before, your team can only really be as good as your budget allows, and SSEGold.com can really give you a great start to your new FIFA 21 FUT season!

Now that you have your budget, start trading and multiplying those coins so you can grow your team to something great. The general principle is to make safe trade choices and always leave yourself some breathing room in case anything goes badly. More information about trading is available here. At this point in the game, trading can get strange because people are desperate to create their own teams. If you are lucky with one or two excellent players, for example, hold off from selling right away because coins are scarce and you will get much more for them a few weeks into release. 

It is recommended that you spend at least one or two days studying one specific area of the market and getting to know how prices are averaging so that you can make informed decisions. Spend only a few hundred coins per card and aim for no more that 100% profit per trade. This keeps your risks to a minimum and allows you to grow your money steadily but quickly. It is also wise to aim for about 50,000 coins minimum before you start properly dealing in player cards and trading for bigtime profit margins.

Whatever happens, remember not to panic, and know that even if everything goes wrong, you still have SSEGold.com watching your back. As a leading competitor in the FIFA third party market, SSEGold.com is 100% committed to not only providing the most affordable and quickest service, but the best quality customer assistance, guaranteeing security and alleviating your concerns every step of the way.

So there we have it, your first steps into the FIFA 21 FUT series should now be a lot easier to navigate. And now we'll talk about FIFA 21Ultimate Team with money management, team management, and the best part of all - playing the game! Check out the next few points about how to go about making your FUT process as positive as possible.

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Managers and Contracts

Investing in good managers is a must, as they will help you not only to keep costs down in the long run, but also to maintain players more effectively, namely by their direct connection to the contract mechanics in FIFA 21. Better managers let you get between a 1-3% bonus on contract deals, and you can essentially hire as many managers as you would like! Careful, though, as the maximum combined bonus can not exceed 50%, after that you stop seeing any improvements. It is recommended that you get to that 50% contract bonus position as quick as you can, but also as cheaply as you can. A ‘gold rated rare’ manager rated at 3% bonus on contracts is no more valuable than three standard managers rated at 1% each.

Contracts are important because they allow you to bench players if they have injuries, and let them recover on their own. If a player is not under contract, you are forced to play extra consumable cards to get them healthy again. Be sure that with the 50% bonus from managers, and if you keep looking for the cheapest contracts, you will be able to maintain your team’s finances without having to worry about losing money.

Build your team
Now that you have the funds, the management, and the end goal in your sights, it’s time to start building the team of your dreams. Out of all of those coins you’ve saved up, this step is going to take the most. Most people already have a few go-to picks that they really want on their team, but it’s not enough to say that you just want an all-star team. First, you have to be reasonable and consider that with your starting budget you need to build a solid, well-rounded team, but you should also consider player chemistry. Players of the same league, nationality, or club working on the same team (especially in close proximity) give each other benefits when playing.

Play the game
And here we are, finally you can actually pick up the controller and start kicking goals. It is strongly recommended that you get familiar with anything new to FIFA 21 by playing a decent amount of friendly matches and single-player games, just to get a feel for the new game before you really start playing in FUT. Once you have a feel for it, jump straight onto playing Squad Battles at a low level difficulty. This lets you start making coins straight away. It’s a little bit like a race at the beginning, and you don’t want to get left in the dust. If you use the players you received in your starter pack, you can mitigate a lot of expenses playing this way until their contracts expire.

It will be tempting to put off playing because you may fear losing, but don’t worry! As long as you’ve followed the steps in this guide, you will have a fighting chance against the masses come release of FIFA 21. One of the best pieces of advice is never to give up on a match, even if you are losing badly. If you do, it will cause your DNF% to rise, which could have long lasting effects on your coins as a result of prizes in the future!

As mentioned many times, coins are the currency of FUT in FIFA 21, and without them you will be dead in the water. Whether you need a little extra cash to get you that new player, or you just need to balance out the bank to keep your season going well, head over to SSEGold.com and pick up some coins hassle free on their secure website. As mentioned before, your team can only really be as good as your budget allows, and SSEGold.com can really give you a great start to your new FIFA 21 FUT season!

So there we have it, your first steps into the FIFA 21 FUT series should now be a lot less worrisome and a lot more fun! Just remember to stick to your goals and play the game your way!

Another, arguably more important point is to consider your own personal playstyle and how that will affect your chosen team. If you play a certain way and your chosen players don’t mesh well with that playstyle, your team having a high ‘rating’ doesn’t mean anything! Pick a group of players that you are familiar with, or at the very least are familiar with their skillsets as laid out in their stats section. Also consider not to take on too many specialised players that will be difficult to move to other positions in the future. 

At first, play it safe by buying players who are decent but still not super expensive, and plan to keep them as reserves or substitutes in the future. As soon as you have enough disposable cash at every step of the way, buy new players one by one that best fit your playstyle, but also try to first improve those areas where you feel your team is lacking.