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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Guide: How to Earn FIFA 18 Coins

1. Start by investing in low risk cards

For your first investments after the fifa 18 release, we recommend your first cards to cost between 550 coins that you can sell with a profit of about 50%. The risk is really low and you will be avoiding the price ranges restrictions.
FIFA 18 Guide

2. FUT Squad Building Challenge

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges are a fantastic way to make FIFA coins. Buy the specific players pertaining to the SBC as soon as possible, selling them a few hours later or even completing the SBC to get the worthwhile rewards! This is one of my top FIFA 18 trading tips!

3. EASFC catalogue and Full Transfer List

The first thing to do is to redeem the EAS FC catalogue items to improve the size of your transfer list. Keep your transafer list full, the more cards you have for sle, more you will sell and more profit you will get. And remember adjust your prices according to your sales, if you are selling to fast, it’s because you can increase the price a bit more. If you can’t sell, then it’s because you need to reduce the price.

4. Investing Popular Players during FUT Webstart/ EA Access

In our opinion you need to mainly focus on the player’s league, individual attributes for their position (especially pace), skill moves and weak foot. Before the official release, popular players will rise in price by the biggest margin as other players will want them for their teams. When demand increases at a greater rate than supply, prices go up.

5. If you are not enough time to making more coins in fut 18 market, then you can choose ssegold.com to buy fifa 18 coins cheap and fast for Ultimate Team.