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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Champions monthly rewards

The monthly FUT Champions FIFA 18 rewards are the best we can get. So then we explain what they are and how they are achieved.

To the weekly FUT Champions competitions, the daily tournaments and the weekend day, a monthly competition is added. It is not a competition that has to be played as such, but it is a monthly ranking that will take into account all the weekend days included in that month.

So it is an incentive for us to never stop playing FUT Champions. If you want to receive monthly rewards, you will have to play some day. But if you want to be in the top positions of the monthly ranking, you can not miss any.

In addition to having interesting prizes, this monthly ranking, called monthly markers is what is used to qualify for the most important FIFA tournaments. In 2017, the FIFA Interactive World Cup Championships were based on these rankings.

To qualify for the monthly rankings you will have to qualify in each of the days. You can see more information about FUT Champions in the tutorial.

If you rank among the best, you can access the following rewards as long as you are in the Top 100 of the month:

A Top 100 Champions kit
Elite champions kit
Champions Gold Kit

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