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FIFA 18 Tactics Guide: Counter Attack/High Pressure/Possession/Long Ball

By changing your team's tactic, you can help the team to achieve more goals on the pitch. There are 4 preset tactics in FIFA 18, you can also set your own custom tactic using the Custom Tactic option. 
FIFA 18 Tactics Guide

FIFA 18 Counter Attack Tactic
Counter Attack tactic in FIFA 18 is best suited for teams trying to defend a lead. Using this tactic, your team will try to defend deep and absorb pressure, getting numbers behind the ball. When possession is won, they will counter by getting players and the ball forward quickly. 

Key Notes
• Your build up play speed is fast
• It’s recommended to have players with higher PAC (pace) rating especially for the attackers and attacking midfielders
• Use finishers with high SHO (shooting) and finishing ratings
• PAS (passing) rating of your midfielders is recommended to be high

FIFA 18 High Pressure Tactic
This tactic is good for teams trying to get a goal back later in the match. Your team will defend high up the pitch and mark tightly in an attempt to win the ball early. 

Key Notes
• The pressure in your defensive line is high
• You need the defenders with high DEF rating
• It’s recommended to have also midfielders with high DEF
• PAS (passing) value is also important since the passes for creating chances will be risky
• In FUT, you should have a defensive line with green CHM lines (high chemistry) – Especially for setting offside traps

FIFA 18 Possession Tactic
A good tactic for patient teams comfortable on the ball. Classic possession football. Using this tactic, your team will move up the pitch when the opportunity presents itself, but keeping the ball will be of paramount importance. 

Key Notes
• Safe passing is the key
• PAS rating of your starting 11 should be high
• Skill moves are important – You should be comfortable with FIFA 18 basic skill moves

FIFA 18 Long Ball Tactic

Using FIFA 18 Long Ball tactic, your team will look to play long balls from the defence, either into the space behind the opposing back line.

Key Notes
• Passing and long passing are important – Especially for your defenders
• Your build up play speed is high
• PAC os your strikers should be high
• Use preferably tall strikers with high PAC, SHO and finishing ratings