FIFA 18 "Path to glory" Event Content and time

11/10/2017 上午
Path to Glory is a FUT promotion which takes place this year for the first time ever. It offers new squad building challenges and introduces new live items, probably related to the World Cup. 

After the Ultimate Scream and before the Black Friday, there is always a FUT event. Usually it is the Movember, but this year it was replaced by the FIFA 18 Path to Glory.

According to EA Sports, these cards update automatically, whether they are in your Club or listed on the Transfer Market. During this week, you can also find new squad building challenges and promo packs.We believe that the Live Items will be a kind of OTW cards specially designed for the World Cup Russia 2018. 

FUT 18 "Path to glory" Event Date
From 10/11/2017 (Fri) 10 am to 17/11/2017 (Fri) 10 am US PST (UCT -8)

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