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FIFA 18 loyalty glitch guide Xbox One

We all know that fifa 18 loyalty is one of the most important data when we do the task of SBC.And if you havn't proceed many packs opening,then you need to buy some players to do the SBC task somrtimes. At this time you need to add loyalty to this player when he's playing.It was a total waste of time if we play ten matches continuously, so how can we add loyalty to this card without being judged for lose by the system? Just dicuss with ssegold.com about the fifa 18 loyalty glitch.
FIFA 18 loyalty glitch guide Xbox One

1.At this time,fifa 18 loyalty glitch is only aimed at the Xbox One platform.

2.If you drop connection when playing in single match season, you will be judged for lose by the system. So the main mode of our game is TOTW challenge.

3.We can use the task of FIFA 18 SBC to build up the team formation and squad.

4.Go into the TOTW challenge, and go into the match.

5.After you go into the match,you can switch to the button of Xbox One main interface, and then you can sign the account out. 

6.When you log in the Xbox One account again,you can make the connection of the EA FIFA 18 server. And FUT 18 will not being judged for lose by the system at this time,but it will take away 1 contract and 1 record of appearance.If this situation repeat ten times,and the player's loyalty will be increased.