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FIFA 18 Black Friday Market Crash Investment and Trading Guide

When FIFA 18 market crash in Black Friday, Cyber Monday? Which players worth to investing when market crash? we ssegold.com share the FIFA 18 Market Crash player prices trend and investment to make more fut 18 coins for your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.
FIFA 18 Black Friday Market

FIFA 18 Market Crash
Personal think FIFA 18 market crash is unpredictable unless the big events (Black Friday, Christmas), you can see the player price significant downturn suddenly on the FUT 18 transfer market, over a short period of time. And the player price will gradually lose value over several days or weeks.

If you are buying your team or player back, the best time to buy your players back is early days or week. Monday or Sunday, check the players price, if they are around 20% - 30% lower than normal price, this will be a good indicator that the market is at a low. For legends player, the price drop is due to people opening them in packs and then selling them, so you wait to the end of day or week when many people have found them in packs. Best time and cheapest time on Sunday or Monday.

FIFA 18 Black Friday Event
During FIFA 18 Black Friday, Electronic Arts releases something new every hour for 24 hours. These offers include multiple happy hours and lightning rounds in the FUT store, increased chances to pull specific cards and new featured single player and online FIFA tournaments. But the offers doesn’t stop here. FIFA 18 Black Friday will run for three days and will end just at Cyber Monday is starting. Buy cheap fifa 18 coins, best fifa coins store - SseGold.com.