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FIFA 18 Best 3 CM Players: 86 Ruud Gullit, 86 Vieira and 88 Petit

We'll be listing FIFA 18's best 3 box-to-box CM players. Be sure to take also look at the specifics depending on what you want out of them, like Acceleration and Sprint Speed if you like to hold a high line, or Short Passing if you like to play it our from the back.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Best CM
86 - Ruud Gullit: price: X1 1227000 coins, PS4 1169000 coins 
3 star Skills, 5 star Weak Foot and 4 star Intl.Rep
Traits: Leadership, Playmaker and Power Header
This man is an elite midfielder. Most look at his Stamina and 3 skills to be major cons on his card. 3 skills most definitely sufficed at the CM role. His Stamina is also a con I hear chatted about this card constantly, I assure you if you do not abuse his card his stamina is a NON-ISSUE. 
FIFA 18 Best 3 CM Players
The opposition struggled to get the ball out of their half everytime, bullying weekend league regulars like Kante and bakayoko has never been so easy. His interceptions made for a laughable amount of tap ins. he releases the ball rapidly under pressure and his long shots are capable of changing games regularly.

86 - Patrick Vieira: price: X1 1165000 coins, PS4 1227000 coins
3 star Skills, 3 star Weak Foot and 4 star Intl.Rep
Traits: Leadership, Power Header
He has a habit of delivering killer through passes.When it comes to dribbling he's not that fast and agile but his strength makes up for it because L2+square(alternate) doesn't even bother him he just shoves anyone on his path..
Then we have defending and again its just remarkable, he just pushes and shoves anyone on his path and takes the ball. BUT BEWARE sliding tackles aren't Vieira's strong suit, avoid it if possible because if you miss it takes a long time for him to get back on his feet.Also stamina is not very high with this guy.

88 - Emmanuel Petit: price: X1 850000 coins, PS4 878000 coins

3 star Skills, 3 star Weak Foot and 4 star Intl.Rep
Traits: Shooting - Long Shot Taker, Ultimate Professional
For me he is not a scorer, but in almost every game he has most passes, interceptions and dribblings.I often shoot from outside with power to let my strikers get the rebounds. That works really well.
FIFA 18 Best 3 CM Players
The chemstyle I chose is shadow for that last piece of pace and interceptions. With his H/H workrate he is like a vaccuum cleaner in defense and the starting point of almost every attack.

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