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FIFA 18 Attacking Tutorial: How To Do Effective Attacks And Goals?

If you want to score goals, you should do more practice on attacking and refine your skills in several different disciplines within the game. On our FIFA 18 Attacking Tutorial, we will give you useful guides and tips of how to attack in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Attacking Tutorial: 
FIFA 18 Attacking Tutorial

1) New shots: If you hold the shoot button the ball will gain power, but it will also raise. Now it is possible to charge a powerful shot, but keep it closer to the ground, by pressing the button a second time before the player hits the ball. This will result in a very strong low shot, and it will also work on the air and while heading the ball. 

2) Know individual tactics: Just as it is everywhere on the pitch, tactics are important when attacking. Not only team tactics, but also individual application. 

3) Know the type of players you have: If you have a short striker who can't jump, you can cross the ball all day long and you'll have a hard time scoring. Study your players, their strengths and weaknesses, and play accordingly. You must adapt to the players you have, not the other way around.

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