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FIFA 16 Offside Trap Experience Share

How to offside trap in FIFA 16? How to break Offside Trap and quickly insert and create chance to get a goal when Defense use this method? Today I want to share my experience of Offside Trap in FIFA 16, hope this can be helpful.

I want to take my favorite Barcelona Three Musketeers for example. In fact, football lovers should not miss Barcelona , these Three Musketeers maybe the strongest striker group in the latest football world. Moreover, they will be strongest for a few years. The Three Musketeers consist of Neymar, Messi and Suarez. There are a few advantages to take them as examples.

Firstly, preset everybody knows the rule of Offside. To be a good striker, except for good personal skills, he should have good ability to know the score time, and handling how to divide balls is an important ability that a first-class football start should have. Offside trap blocking is the most basic and quite important, which strikers should pay great attention to. If you want to buy FIFA 16 coins, SSEGOLD provides you fastest and cheapest FIFA 16 coins.

Then I want to define “Offside Trap” strategy. Offside Trap strategy is to make the most use of “time difference” to make the opposite false fullback position. I want to classify this strategy as single offside trap and group offside trap.

Single Offside Trap:
The operator - striker stands on the fullback line of the opposite side. Since the second accelerated speed of striker is usually faster than the strong halfback, we should lob or get through the ball. This position method can create enough time difference so that the striker can break and get close to the gate.

Below is the Single Offside Trap map, take the middle Messi as example.

Single Offside Trap

Striker coordinate midfield offense:

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Totally, the defender should remember this kind of position. When this position appears, it is likely you will be stuck. So a halfback should be close to CF even if pull the clothes to avoid it will be slower than CF when starting walking. If you don’t understand, you can see several yellow cards given in every season due to this reason.

Group Offside Trap:
This is they key to a football team to give play to 1+1>2 or 1+1<2. Let’s look at the first picture and pay more attention that the position of Neymar and Suarez is different than Messi. When triggering group Offside Trap, this is the standard position. Center forward stands along side fullback line, and winger leave one or two-step distance. This is the preparation. Then refer to below picture.

Group Offside Trap

In the picture, we can see the position when Messi start to offside trap. He goes back to dislocate, and at the same time, he can choose to catch the ball from Mr. White or switch to trigger group coordination strategy. Or he can continue to operator offside trap, and he go back to the position. The fullback of the opposite side will adjust the fullback line a little front and launch an attack to the position of Messi’s walking. When the fullback of the opposite goes forward, the winger suddenly accelerated go forward. As he has left accelerate space for starting walking, center forward can take a pass when he sees the winger starts walking. As the winger runs forward, the fullback of the opposite should run backward. At this process, time difference is made, and this kind of position is the basic position of group offside trap.

Have you ever notice the difference of position between Neymar and Suarez?

Neymar stands the outside of the fullback of the opposite side. While Suarez stands inside of the left fullback. In fact, this is quite wise.

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The position of Neymar suits for the below three kinds of wingers to operate.

1.Fast to starting walk and run quick.
2.Have high ability of skill move.
3.Excellent cross pass.

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