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FIFA 16 New Features

FIFA 16 has officially published. Compared with FIFA 15, FIFA 16 added more than 10 kinds of new content, including Women’s National Team, defense strategy, control in midfield,Dynamic Crossing,etc. I want to share some experience about picture operation and play styles. Is FIFA 16 fun and interesting? Let’s have a look!

The testing version is not so good. Resolution is relatively lower. In the formal PC testing version. These two drawbacks will be improved. I believe that players who are fans of FIFA 16 and have played for a long time like to play on PC. On one hand, the picture is more clear and high quality. On the other hand, playing on PC is more popular than other platform.  

Moreover, FIFA 16 has Traditional Chinese version. For Chinese players, it is quite lucky as there really exists big difference between English and Chinese version. Chinese version is much more interesting. In some forum and BBS, players can download Simplified Chinese version. Compared to Traditional Chinese version, except for Simplified Chinese switch, there is some improvements in translation. You can buy FIFA 16 coins from SSEGOLD to get the lowest price!  

Based on playing on different former versions of FIFA, FIFA 16 is a game that longer play, more fun. It is vital if you are not familiar with FIFA 16. It can have great influence on fun. From testing version to official version,players definitely will easily get into character.  

The main interface of FIFA 16 and interface when entering the game is mainly in sky blue. Using this blue is mainly to relieve the fatigue of eyes. The background of main menu is in sky blue with grassland and the ground floor is based on football field. In FIFA 16, the snowy football field is the most beautiful.

In FIFA 16, there is a video behind main menu. The graphic effect of this video is quite touching. In the front page of FIFA 16, there is a video playing on the upper right corner. You can press the “play”button for full screen play.

The settings for graphic in game is quite few. Except that there are a few choice for simply setting graphic in starting settings, there are only three options for graphic setting which is the simplest setting for adjusting brightness, color, and screen size. This greatly limits players who use low configuration for high optimization. Fortunately, the optimization of graphic in FIFA 16 is quite excellent. Though your PC is GT630, you can also run this game.

Having been played men's soccer championship, I played Women’s National team. Though the graphic effects in PC is much better than that in XBOX 360, the beauty of women football players is quite good. The graphic of spectator seats is not so perfect. Luckily, the number of out cross for spectator seats is not so many.

Sound Effects

The backgroud sound effects of FIFA 16 is good with strong sense of substitution and sounds quite good. You can see the name of the music in game. For players who are interested in background music in game, it is quite nice to directly know the name and download afterwards.

Its strong sense of substitution of background music and comfortable option switch makes you fast feel you are there with the background sound effects when sitting in front of the screen. Every goal with the cheers from audiences makes you understanding the cooperation and meanings of every goal, which is so important for a soccer team. 

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