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FIFA 16 FAQ - Women's National Teams

FIFA 16 is coming. If you want to be a woman in FIFA 16, this guide is the best for you. In this guide, I will answer some questions about Women's National Teams - new feature in FIFA 16. as you can choose from 12 Women's National Teams that can be used in various kinds of modes like Tournament Mode, Friendlies and Kick Off. Women's National Teams will be available on September 22 when FIFA 15 launches in North America.

Q: Which Women's National Teams will be in FIFA 16?
A: In FIFA 16, there are USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, England, Spain, Italy, France, China, Sweden, Germany, and Australia added in Women's National Teams.

Q: Can women's teams play against men's teams?
A: No, as you play football in real life at this level, in FIFA 16, Women's National Teams can only complete against each other in game.
Q: Which modes will feature Women's National Teams?
A: Kick Off, Friendlies and Tournament Mode.

Q: Why aren't all Women's National Teams in the game?
A: Because this is a new feature for the Franchise to add female players, FIFA official site was limited in how many players and teams could be added.

Q: Is it possible that more women's teams would be added in future FIFA games?
A: EA has focused on FIFA 16, but it is till not unsure about what will happen in this game. When defining features for FIFA, it is greatly up to players’ engagement and feedback.

Q: Can I play with women in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)?
A: No, in order to build out a viable environment and Transfer Market, FIFA Iltimate Team depends on having a wide range of players. On one hand, women’s and men’s team can’t complete against each other in the real world or the sport and there is only a small number of women’s players in game, SE will not add women to Ultimate Team in FIFA 16.

Q: How do player ratings work for women in comparison to men?
A: For each gender, player ratings will be relative. Femal athletes against other female athletes which means an 89 rated female player might not perform the same as an 85 rated male player.

Q: Why did EA introduce women into the game this year?
A: A great number of women fans require this demand. Moreover, EA made some necessary advancements in gameplay in FIFA 16, for instance, unique player modes based on motion capture, new locomotion and 360 degree body scans of some of the games top female players, which allow EA to accurately and authentically represent how these athletes walk, sprint, run and move horizontally. Mobile-scanning unit traveled the world to complement the realistic animations and attributes for capturing hairstyles and facial features, which ensures the players look as realistic as possible.
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