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FFXIV Yoshi-P On the Status of World Population Balancing Incentives and the Resumption of Private Plot Sales

With the release of FFXIV Stormblood, FFXIV took measures intended to address the population disparity across Worlds. With Patch 4.2, FFXIV Yoshi-P said: our then placed a temporary moratorium on all plot sales to individuals. 

FFXIV have decided to implement the following changes during the next scheduled maintenance:

- Restrictions on all currently designated Congested Worlds will be lifted.
- New Preferred Worlds will be designated.
- The moratorium on plot sales to individuals will be lifted.

The prolonged restrictions placed on Congested Worlds, while greatly inconvenient for those affected, have nevertheless proven effective in ensuring a more balanced population distribution across all Worlds. Now that that balance has been achieved, FFXIV will be removing these restrictions for a time.

Moreover, in the hopes of preserving this population distribution, ffxiv will continue to designate Preferred Worlds in order to spur population growth.

Please understand, however, that should we determine certain Worlds are receiving a disproportionate influx of new characters via transfer or creation, we may have no choice but to designate them Congested Worlds and implement restrictions.

The moratorium placed on private plot sales in conjunction with the addition of new plots has,  allowed a great many free companies to purchase plots and reduce the overall disparity between them. In light of these results, ffxiv plan to lift the moratorium on private sales and permit individuals to purchase plots once more.

As previously announced, private plot sales will be restricted to one plot per World on any given service account. For more information, please refer to ffxiv additional plots and purchasing guide.