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FFXIV Yokai Watch 2017 Guide: get yo-kai mounts

The last segment of the 14 hour broadcast is a corner with Level-5's CEO and he just asked Yoshida and co to bring back the Yokai Watch collab event from last year so he can complete his minion collection. With the Yokai-Watch event happening again, I thought ssegold might write a guide to help people out who are interested in getting all the mounts and weapons.
FFXIV Yokai Watch 2017 Guide
Obtain new miniions
After gathering Yo-Kai Medals and delivering them to the wandering executive at the Gold Saucer(X:5.2 Y:6.9),he will introduce you to your favorite Yo-kai. 

FFXIV Yo-Kai Mounts
Jibanyan, Komasan, USApyon, Whisper, Shogunyan, Hovernyan, Komajiro, Noko, Venoct, Kyubi, Robonyan F-type, Blizzaria, Manjimutt.
FFXIV Yokai Watch Guide
1. FFXIV yokai watch 2017 LOCATION
While you can do FATES almost anywhere (La Noscea, Black Shroud, and Thanalan.) with the Yokai-Watch equipped to get minion tokens, you need to be in specific areas with that specific minion out in order to get weapon tokens. Not all areas are made equal. 

Western La Noscea and Outer La Noscea are of note because of the Sahagin and Kobald areas respectively. WLA, has a bunch of fates that all spawn in the Sahagin areas that are fairly closeby and spawn quickly on after another. OLA has two fates that continually loop into one another, so after you beat one, the other one spawns and you can do that basically forever.

2. Yokai-Watch Order Matters
Whenever you buy a minion, the token price for the next minion will sometimes go up, this also happens for weapons.

What this means is that you want to do the areas that have bad FATE spawns first, that way you don't have to grind as many weapon tokens in a bad area, and when you do have to grind a ton, at least the areas is easy. For reference, you first Yokai-Watch weapon will cost 7 tokens, while your last one will cost 30.

3. Yokai-Watch Tips

If you spend all day grinding, you will burn out and hate yourself.

If you start the event today, you have a little under 60 days to do everything. In total, you need 73 Minion Tokens and 222 Weapon Tokens for everything. Minion tokens are guarenteed, while Weapon Tokens require some RNG (Remember, need to be in the right area with the right minion out in order to be eligible for Weapon Tokens).

If you spend 3-4 days getting minion tokens, you'll have about 50 days to get weapon tokens (with some days to spare). That means on average, you only need to get 5 weapon tokens a day to get everything. In the SSEGOLD.COM use coupon "YTB" can enjoy a 5% discount buy gil, the price itself is the lowest price can discount.