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FFXIV Ungarmax Is Come Out Into Public Eye On The Balance Discord

FFXIV players revealed: Roughly around 2 am or so, my friends and I decided to get some of us through their first time in the new 24-man raid. We had a bunch of fun and all, but during that we were noticing someone was using Ungarmax, the Squadron limit break to pull the bosses and also in the middle of the fights.
FFXIV Ungarmax

Now i sometimes stream the stuff we run mostly for fun, cause we have some pretty gut busting moments, and while we did have a few, it seemed that streaming overall this morning was a generally catchy idea.

The LB was used in all four bosses as well, the clip above shows the character in Focus-target using the Limit break cast, the skill title itself was Ungarmax. 

It only costs 1 LB bar and buffs your entire party damage by 50% for 15 seconds. 

Tested it in expert. Its about 2700 potency. Pretty funny TBH. Almost wish that this was a feature for tanks/heals to have an offensive/buffing option. xD (2700 is a little high not even mention the 15 second buff though since LB1 melee is like 2300)

That said, if players continue to exploit in this game to such a large degree I can see SE eventually doing a mass ban/suspension simply to send a message that they're fed up with it all. SE doesn't care so much about pre-endgame. But if people are found to use this to clear savage raids and the like, I can see them finally taking action.