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FFXIV traditional summer event - Moonfire Faire

Hello, everyone!
Have you want to know what is looking like the Wailing Spirit during the festivities!

If you are not familiar with this traditional summertime event? Well, you are in for a treat!

Right now, the Moonfire Faire was a special festival held in FFXIV to drive out the fiery bombards which appeared five years ago. In sight for quite some tie, the festival was not so longer necessary without a bombard. The Adventurer’s Guild carried on the tradition and made it into a joyous occasion to celebrate this summer.

This festival is full with shops selling delicious goods and foods. Adventures can gather together to have fun in this sun! This year, these festivities are meaning to take place in Costa del Sol where there are practically synonymous with summer.

In order to run smoothly, players will need to lend a hand warding off party crashing pirates rid of unwanted monster guests and making sure the beaches stay clean.

Only do you own proper swimwear, you can fully enjoy Costal del Sol. But the good news is that SE has covered all of these for every adventure.

You won't be able to fully enjoy Costa del Sol without proper swimwear, but we've got you covered!
Just lake a look at our light and breezy summertime lineup. Let’s enjoy the swimwear for the males.

And here we have the swimwear for the females.

The blue stripes looks very nice and it is the first for this swimsuit to make an appearance. This is special for year’s event! You are now available to dye all of the swimwear you obtain through the Moonfire Faire!

If you are curious about how to get the awesome summertime clothing, right? You can buy them with Faire tokens that can be gotten by joining in limited-time FATEs in Costa del Sol, reeling in requested fish and turning in meals. There are various ways to get Faire tokens, so you can choose the method which is suits you the best!

The Moonfire Faire will roll into Eorzea on August 11! It is your time to get ready to party under the sun!

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