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FFXIV Thavnairian Onion Guide 2020

FFXIV thavnairian onio is a pungent, tear-inducing vegetable that thrives in the alkali sands of Near Eastern Thavnair. While typically avoided by the five races, it is a favorite amongst chocobos. How to grow thavnairian onions?

Thavnairian Onion
Seed Type: Chocobo Food
Item Level: 70
Grow Time: 10 Days
Crop Yield: 1/1/1/1 
Seed Yield: 1/1/1/1

Royal Kukuru X Curiel Root = Thavnarian Onions Seeds
Apricot X Honey Lemon = Royal Kukuru Seeds
Krakka Root X Mirror Apple = Curiel Root

Note: To get the seeds you need to cross the plants. Meaning when you plant the seeds it should be Seed A --> Seed B --> Seed A --> Seed B --> ETC.
Grade 3 Than Soils = lets you cross the seeds better
Grade 3 Shroud Soils = let you yield more fruits/veggies except for onion
Grade 3 La Nos Soils = lets you yield HQ crops (useless)

Jute/Branch 1:
Almond + Prickly Pineapple to get Azemya Roses
Almond + Azemya Roses to get Jute
(Bonus) Mandrake + Jute to get mote Jute
Curiel/Branch 2:
Krakka Root + Chamomile to get Curiel Root

Curiel Root + Jute to get Thavnairian
(Bonus) Thavnairian + Mandrake to get Onion Prince.

Note: For all crosses you want to use Grade III Thanalan topsoil, and plant each seed adjacent to the last seed planted. The Jute branch is near 100% cross rate, but Curiel is about 50% from what I've seen and Thav Onions are closer to 25%. In the SSEGOLD.COM use coupon "YTB" can enjoy a 5% discount buy FFXIV Gil, the price itself is the lowest price can discount.