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FFXIV Swallows Compass Unlock Quest Guide: Defeat Otengu, Daidarabotchi and Qitian Dasheng

FFXIV Patch 4.3 brings a multitude of additions and refinements to the realm. Adventurers of every persuasion are sure to find something to enjoy in this exciting new update. FFXIV Swallows Compass Unlock Quest has been added.
FFXIV Swallows Compass Unlock Quest Guide


Level Requirement: Disciple of War or Magic level 70
Item Level Requirement: Average item level 330 or above
Party Size: Four players
Time Limit: 90 minutes

Tortoise in Time
Disciple of War or Magic level 70
The Ruby Sea (X:27.8 Y:16.4)
Players must first complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest "An Auspicious Encounter."

Arrive at the Heart of the Dragon: 0/1
Defeat Otengu: 0/1
Arrive at the Dragon's Mouth: 0/1
Defeat Daidarabotchi: 0/1
Arrive at Serenity: 0/1
Defeat Qitian Dasheng: 0/1

Defeat Otengu
In The Heart of Water, you'll face a Sai Taisui and two Geomantic Apa. 
In The Heart of Earth, you'll face another Sai Taisui and three Geomantic Dharas.
In The Heart of Wind, you'll face yet another Sai Taisui and three Geomantic Anilas. 
Once all three rooms are cleared, your first boss, Otengu, who uses the following moves and mechanics:
Clout of the Tengu: Roomwide AoE damage.
Might of the Tengu: Tankbuster. Use cooldowns as necessary.
Yama-kagura: Otengu will turn to face a random player and fire a line AoE at their direction. Sidestep to avoid.
Tengu Ember: Several Tengu Embers will spawn throughout the room and slowly rotate around. 
Wile of the Tengu: Gaze attack that inflicts Hysteria, causing players to run around uncontrollable. Very dangerous when Tengu Embers are up.

Defeat Daidarabotchi

The first pull is a River Scorpion and a River Unkiu, second is a single River Ray and the last another River Scorpion and a River Hikagiri. All three groups can be pulled at once, but must be defeated to proceed.

Defeat Qitian Dasheng
The first pull is three White Baboons, then cross the bridge for two Dragon Hornbills and a Dragon Bi Fang. All must be defeated to unlock the clouds to go further. Another twp White Baboons and a Dragon Hornbill, which can be pulled to a Dragon Bi Fang and two Dragon Weasels. One last cloud trip and you'll face your final Sai Taisui and a pair of Dragon Hornbills.

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