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FFXIV Stormblood Red Mage Guide: Style, Trainer Locations, Requirements and Unlock

Red Mage is FFXIV Stormblood in a new Job, many players are not familiar with Red Mage. So how do we understand Red Mage this Job?  What about the style, requirements and unlocking methods? and Ssegold.com to learn about the Red Mage guide.FFXIV Stormblood Red Mage
Play Style
Red Mage is a Ranged DPS job that wields a Rapier and a Magicked Crystal Medium as its weapons. 
The job does not have a base class and starts at level 50. It is available as long as the player has purchased Final Fantasy XIV's second expansion, Stormblood, but the job itself can be started whilst playing ARR and Heavensward storylines if the player has a character at level 50 or above.

Red Mage's main stat is Intelligence and it will share gear with Black Mage and Summoner.

Red Mage is able to perform melee attacks with the Rapier and ranged attacks with magic. Red Mage casts spells by attaching Magicked Crystal Medium to the hilt of the Rapier and uses the entire device like a staff. The magic used by Red Mage is Red Magic, which is a combination of Black Magic and White Magic. Overall, Red Mage has a hybrid range and melee style achieved through rapid positioning. They are able to deal massive amount of damage by linking multiple spells with Dualcast and following them up with melee attacks.

Requirements and Unlock
Requires the expansion Stormblood
Complete the quest Taking the Red
Complete the Main Scenario Quests, The Ultimate Weapon
Taking the Red Information

Requires Level 50 Combat Class/Job
Starting NPC: Distraught Lass
Starting Locations: Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x14.1,y11.7)

Trainer Locations
NPC: Distraught Lass, Location:Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x14.1,y11.7), Description:Job Start for Stormblood
NPC: X'rhun, Location:Various, Description:Main trainer once job acquired

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