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FFXIV Stormblood How to Up Grand Company Ranks

FFXIV Stormblood Grand Company is an organization that players will join at around level 20 by completing the main story quests. Do you want to know how to upgrade Grand Company Ranks? and ssegold to learn about Grand Company Ranks guide.
ffxiv grand company ranks
First,There are 3 grand companies, The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa, The Immortal Flames from Ul'dah and The Order of the Twin Adder from Gridania. Grand Companies are divided into numerous ranks. Players will start off at the lowest rank of private third class. Players can perform tasks given by the Grand Company to obtain a special currency called Company Seals. 

Company seals are the main currency used within the Grand Companies. These are used to purchase key items, medicines, weapons, and armor, some of which are unique to each company, as well as to advance in company ranks. Initially, players can hold a max of 10,000 seals, but as they progress in ranks, they can hold a maximum of 50,000 seals.

Supply and Provision Missions
Grand Companies are always in need of supplies in their daily operations. Players can earn experience points for specific classes and company seals by crafting or gathering the items required and delivering them. Talk to a Grand Company Personnel Officer to complete the delivery.There is one daily request for every crafting and gathering class each, and the experience rewarded is given to the respective class.Supply and Provision Missions reset every day at 21.00 server time.

FFXIV Grand Company Ranks Second Lieutenant

Promotion Requirement
Completion of Hunting Log: Order of the Twin Adder Rank 2, Gilding the Bilious (Twin Adder) and 9,000 Serpent Seals.
50,000 Seal Cap, Adventurer Squadrons

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