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FFXIV Starting Tips to Collectables

As we all know, Collectable is an awesome new spin on the turn-in system for both gathers and Crafters. Since I have played FFXIV for nearly a year, I have done a nice amount of both gsm and miner. And this guide is to explain them both.

FFXIV Starting Tips to Collectables
For all FFXIV players:
There are two main purpose of Collectables. One is that they can used to serve as a convenient way to get experience, and the other way is to use the new turn-in system, which can be used to replace stuff like gather 99 HQ umbral rocks or craft 3 HQ Calibrated Rose Gold Cogs to get Scrips. Scrips can buy you a series of decent entry level gear, some temporary buff items and special mats, and most important: you master books. For some gathers, they buy tokens to unlock the ability to see the new 1 star nodes in certain zones.

For Crafters

As for crafting, all of the systems for quality are already in place. There is not as much new stuff to learn. Collectability turn-ins for crafters kind of suck. Collectable turn-ins don’t generate anywhere as much exp as leve quests for crafters. Besides, the amount of scrips you get is to limit and mats for the crafts are so expensive. As an example: it takes 15-20 level 3 turn-ins that would have sold on the MB for 500K to get enough crafting Scrips to get a single master book.

Similar to gathers, before you start Craft, you have to activate the collector’s ability which declares your intent to craft for rarity, not HQ. I have accidentally made 100% HQ turn-ins before that were useless and I ended up having to sell them. Once you start the craft, proceed just like any other Craft. You will get chance to increasing HQ. No matter what quality your item is at when you finish the craft is the amount of rarity it will have.

My level 59 GSM turn-in is a Citrine Chocker of Casting. For level 1, the minimum is 3500 collectability.
Level 1: 3500 - 4899
Level 2: 4899-6299
Level 3:6300+.
What is important to note here is that a Citrine Choker has a maximum quality of 7339. That mean’s you will need 7339 quality to get 100% HQ chance. Of that 7339, you also need 3500 to get credit for the collectable turn-in. Besides, every point of quality oever 6300 is meaningless. Though if you can get to level 3, you will probably be at 100% anyway as you are probably well-geared and have a rotation that ends on a big byergot’s blessing regardless. If you want to buy FFXIV gil, SSEGold promises the lowest price and safest transaction.

For gathering

The entire collectable system is the best for gathers. First of all, you don’t need hours of mindless grinding or a billion level allowances to level anymore. Collectable nodes can net you an insane amount of exp in a short amount of time. It will be quite fast if you do leves between hitting collectable node.

How do they work? As long as you look at your timers menu and rowena tells you what she is looking for. An item can only be either 0,1,2 or 3 based on how much colletabity it has. If you can’t reach the minimum amount of collectability. The item is completely useless.

The bestest part of IMO is that you can calculate what rotation you need to do in advance! The fact that most of it is non-stochastic is amazing. As an example: If last time you were at the yellow copper ore node, you will find that methodical Appraisal generated 96 rarity. Methodical Appraisal (essentially your Basic Touch skill) generated 96 rarity, then you'd know that if you used Methodical Appraisal, followed by Discerning Eye (1.5x next appraisal action) -> Methodical Appraisal, you'd generate 96 + (96 x 1.5) rarity! That happens to add up to 240 collectability :D.

If you know you can generate 96 on a regular hit, then you know that with two hits and 200 GP, you can generate enough rarity without going over the Wear maximum. This kind of thing is awesome because you only get 6 attempts on a node. If you use 1 attempt to reveal and 2 to get the collectability up, then you can gather 3 collectable ore over the minimum and get 180k experience off of a single node!

As you level you get new awesome skills (like Single Mind) that let you come up with new ways of maximizing your exp or scrips per node. Note: Most often, MORE items > higher quality items. If you can get 3 level 1 items, its usually better than 2 level 2 items based on how the exp scaling works. So practice and you can get that.

TL;DR For gathering, collectability is a new minigame that replaces turn-ins to help you level quickly and get your fancy books and gear. It is less painfully dependent on RNG than trying to get HQ!

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