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FFXIV Shadowbringers "The best MMORPG expansion of all time"

FFXIV Shadownbringers has been released for about 10 days. How many hours have you spent on it? What is your impression? We can see from many forums and discussions different reviews--most of them think highly and Shadowbringers is named “The best MMORPG expansion” 


Also here’re some other opinions.


“Shadowbringers is one of the best MMOs available for both fans and newcomers. The new Trust system feels natural and familiar, as if I’m playing a regular JRPG when I’m running the dungeons with the rest of the Scions.” (Polygon)


“Final Fantasy XIV set a high bar with its previous expansions, but Shadowbringers stands above the rest.” (USGamer)


“It offers the chance to truly feel the impact of the Warrior of Light’s decisions over the past expansions through exploring the stories of your companions.” (Gamespot)

“This is probably Final Fantasy XIV‘s best expansion ever. It’s an accessible, well-written, audiovisually decadent Final Fantasy that just so happens to be online. In Naoki Yoshida’s hands, the future of this franchise shines brilliantly with potential. ” (CGMagazine)


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